Kindle vs. Paper

Yes, I like romance books. That’s another post for another day..

Ahhh..the great debate.  Like paper or plastic.  I only received my Kindle two years ago as a Christmas present.  And I will not be able to jump to the Kindle Fire unless it is via Christmas or birthday present (hint hint).

Prior to the Kindle I used to roam a discount book store, or wait until I had some money saved up to splurge on books via Amazon.  I used to reread some of my books or raid my Dad’s book stash.  I know it sounds ridiculous, saving up money for books, but when you have a small child, their needs come first, and when you have the ability to devour 2-3 books a week, that costs money.

To date, I have reread the unabridged version of “The Stand” at least 10 times.  I have read every single book in my hardback/paperback collection at least twice.  Some three times.

Which is why I was eternally grateful for my Kindle.

The number one reason is the cost.  I can support my reading habit for free if needed.  And right now, it is needed.  I can browse the “Top 100 Free” list on Amazon and usually find some really good books from any genre for nothing.  Zero.  Zilch.  And that can last me a long period of time.  And if the books I have chosen are really crappy…then no guilt…I didn’t pay a dime.

Additionally, when there are books or authors that I truly look forward to reading, the Kindle price is substantially less than buying the physical copy.  And if I can’t afford to get it when it first comes out, I can wait awhile for the price to come down.

The second reason the fact that I can book shop in my pjs.  From my Kindle.  Yes, I can shop online from my computer.  But there have been times, recently, when I haven’t had internet access via a computer.  I can buy books from my device.  From my bed.  I don’t have to get dressed and go to the store.  For someone with health issues, this is a major plus.

The third reason is the amount of space on the Kindle.  As you can see from my pic, I have a lot of books stashed on it right now.  If you glance at my pic of my bookshelf, there are a lot of books on it.  I have a huge tub of books in my closet.  And I live in a tiny apartment with a kid, my husband, my bonus son for the summer, and a cat.  If I physically purchased all of the books on my Kindle, I would need at least two more bookshelves.  And the other residents of my apartment would not be happy.

And lastly, and this might seem like a little thing, the Kindle is very lightweight.  I have a tendency to read very large books.  The physical copy of “The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich” by Shirer probably weighs more than my 5 year old.  For someone that has pain and fatigue issues, attempting to read this behemoth in bed requires a pulley system.  Not only could I have stored it much more easily on the Kindle, I could have saved myself some major arm strain and pain attempting to find a comfortable position while attempting to understand the un-understandable.

The drawbacks.  I realize that this post sounds like Amazon has paid me, but believe me, I give them way more of my money than I should.  And there are some drawbacks to the Kindle for me.  The primary one being that you cannot always share books with people.  That is one thing I have enjoyed with my Dad over the years.  When I tell him “Hey, I just read an awesome book”, I can’t just hand it to him or email him the link.  Most of the time lending is not enabled.

Also, as mine is of the special electronic ink, it is not back lit, and I don’t have a special case with a special light.  My case has a slot that a goose-necked external light can fit in.  And I constantly lose it when I am switching from nighttime reading to daytime reading.  I have yet to even try a Kindle Fire, so I’m not sure if this is rectified yet.

And of course, if “fill-in-the-blank” is elected and the world ends and the grid fails and the economy crashes (again) and the Martians invade or the zombies rise from their graves, I won’t be able to use my Kindle and I’ll be hunkered down with my same collection of paperback books.

Good thing I made sure they were damn good ones!


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