Laughter is the best medicine

A guy goes into a bar…

I’m hideous at telling jokes.  My husband is the joke master.  I really don’t have an entire collection of humor books. I mainly view my humor through raunchy stand up.  Laughter truly is magical and I try to laugh every day.

Some of the books I have mentioned already fit under the humor category.  The “Mercury” series by Robert Kroese comes to mind.  Another I found on bookbloggers, “There Goes the Galaxy” by Jenn Thorson, is a little bit of sci-fi, little bit of  “Hitchhikers” and hilarious.

I have three collections of “Calvin and Hobbes” comics by Bill Watterson.  When I started reading as a child, I started reading the newspaper, just like my parents.  And my mom’s favorite comic was Calvin and Hobbes, because Calvin reminded her of my brother.  Now you have a picture of what my childhood was like.  Some of the jokes I didn’t get until I reread them in adulthood.  But now as I reread them, I see my daughter in Calvin.  Karma made a mistake.

I have one lone humor book in my collection.  Mr. George Carlin.  Napalm and Silly Putty.  I like this particular book and I reread it often because it makes me laugh.  Over and over and over again.  I was raised Catholic, so I laugh even harder at times.  Dogma is one of my favorite movies, I was on the floor when I saw that Kevin Smith cast George Carlin as the bishop.  On. the. floor.  I tried to watch it with an evangelical Christian one time.  I don’t think we made it 15 minutes in to the movie when he made me turn it off.

The book on this page belongs to my husband.  The story behind it goes something like this:  my husband belongs to a large Italian-Catholic family.  When he was 10, he received that particular book as a gift because his family knew that he liked comedy and telling jokes.  They apparently didn’t look inside.

The table of contents lists:  Dead Baby jokes, Helen Keller jokes, Polish jokes, Italian jokes, Male anatomy jokes, Female anatomy jokes, Herpes, Leper, so on and so forth.  My husband was just delighted and went right to work on his act for the family talent show.

So there is this 10 year old standing up in front of his wholesome Catholic family in the late 80s, spewing out “Truly Tasteless Jokes” by Blanche Knott.  You probably could have heard a pin drop.  And when they asked him where he heard such filth, he pointed to the guilty party who bought him the book.

I hope that someone got it on film.

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