Book review: Westmarket by M. Jones

Another zombie book.  I really like my zombies.  Again, I came across this book on  Again, I am not paid to review books, I have the chance to read the book for free, then give my honest opinion on Amazon and my blog.  The author does not see my review prior to posting.  Here is my review that I posted to Amazon:

Westmarket is not your typical zombie apocalypse story. The action of the story takes place in and around a big box store that bares a striking resemblance to another store that starts with a “W”. The author rotates point of view in the third person throughout the story and by using this device, the characters are well developed by the time the major action of the story begins.

The beginning of the story in which the characters are developed can be a little slow, but as soon as the main action picks up it is a page turner. The main characters are a cross section of society and are trapped together in this store as hordes of the undead press against the store windows and doors attempting to get inside and devour those within.

As the story progresses, the usual commentary on humanity emerges: what happens to society when all walks of life, all socioeconomic classes are put in a literal pressure cooker?

I truly appreciated the sci-fi, Stephen King-esq twist on the zombies. I would have liked more of an explanation on how the zombies came to be (I won’t expand here too much, I don’t want to be a spoiler).

Overall a very interesting read and I would recommend to anyone who likes zombie and apocalypse books.

Wonderful commentary on society throughout the book.  Occasionally you can forget that there are zombies outside and just focus on the happenings inside the store.  People seek out companionship, leaders emerge, alliances form.  The ending was kind of a shocker.  Definitely not expecting it.  But much appreciated.

I really liked this take on zombies.

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