Book Review: Zombie Games (1-3) by Kristen Middleton

I love my zombies.  I am a huge fan of The Walking Dead, even if it is majorly gory this season.  I am also a fan of post-apocalypse books, in any way shape or form.  The whole idea of being “the last survivors on earth” intrigues me.

I came across  Zombie Gamesby Kristen Middleton via .  I am not paid for the review, but I can download the books for free in exchange for a review.  I am not encouraged in anyway to make the review favorable, and the author does not see my review before I post it on Amazon.

You can look up my formal review on Amazon, I use the same identity as this page name (eclectic bookworm).

The author intends the books to be for young adult audiences, I would stress more of the “adult” side as it does have more “adult” themes to it.  She does stress in the description that it should be read by audiences 16 and over and I wholeheartedly agree based on some elements of sexuality and violence, especially book 3.

The book resolves around a young heroine, Cassie, age 17.  The first book sets the basis of who she is, who the main players in her life are, and who she is prior to the end of the world.  She is a black belt in karate, she is a gun enthusiast (thanks to her father), she is independent and fiercely loyal to her friends and family.  She is at the age where she is starting to really notice boys and their attention to her.  I really enjoy this character.  At times she is too stubborn, but overall her heart is in the right place.

I’m not going to outline the plot of each book, but talk about the books as a whole and why I like them.

  • There is a twist on how the zombies came in to being (I’m not going to spoil it)
  • The zombies don’t follow the traditional zombie rules
  • The books are funny, some of the characters are hilarious.
  • The characters are very well developed, the reader becomes attached to them
  • Plenty of action
  • During the third book, an element of mystery and suspense is held as the point of view is switched among characters.  Very effective.
  • Elements of romance between Cassie and another character.
  • The actual “zombie games” are terrifying, yet incredibly imaginative
  • Page turner

I did appreciate the way the author handled the issue of gun safety.  She made it abundantly clear that Cassie was extremely familiar with guns, was taught how to handle them properly and kept up her training with them.  I feel that was  incredibly responsible of the author.  She also mentioned that those who did not know how to shoot used baseball bats or other bludgeons to kill zombies.

Some things that were sketchy:

  • sometimes in the action sequence, it is difficult to determine who is doing what to who — especially during the action sequence at the last “games” in book three, and immediately afterward
  • time sequence — it is not exactly clear how much time has passed throughout the books, that would be helpful

One thing I do have issue with, mainly from the first book, is the issue with vaccinations.  I am a nurse.  Of course I am pro-vaccination.  Throughout the first book there is an undercurrent of anti-vaccination.  I understand the author is entitled to her opinion, I just disagree with it.

Overall, I am addicted to this series.  I would recommend it to anyone interested in the zombie genre as it is another take on the zombie apocalypse.  Highly entertaining, engaging, fun.  The characters are memorable, the action is believable, the author really paints the picture of a post-apocalyptic zombie wasteland.

The next book is due in March 2013.


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  7. Kristen
    Oct 22, 2012 @ 20:01:12

    Thanks for reading the books and taking the time for reviews. Just so you know, I am also pro-vaccination. I only decided to use it because it made good sense at the time for creating the characters. Obviously, untested vaccinations could be very…very… dangerous…


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