European Zombies!!

European Zombies!!

I didn’t review this book, because there were plenty reviews already.  I recently devoured “Apocalypse Z: The Beginning of the End” by Manel Loureiro and translated by Pamela Carmell.  It was interesting reading a zombie book from a non-American perspective.

Apparently this book started out as a blog by the author and then eventually came out as a book.  There are two more books in the series, but they have yet to be translated into English.

What I like about this book is the format.  It is written as blog and journal entries.  Entirely from a first person point of view.

The main character, and person writing the entries, is a man who has recently been widowed at a young age.  His therapist suggests that he start writing to help with his grief, so he starts a blog.  He documents current events, as he is a lawyer, he pays attention to those things.  He mentions issues with a military incursion in Russia.  At a lab of some sort.  Something happened and the Russians are being very tight lipped.

Rapidly, the world starts falling apart.  In the blog, day by day new information is documented: troops are being sent to this area to help with the sick.  The sick are attacking people, this area is now under quarantine, no information from that area.

I like the fact that the main character is an every day person.  He is just a lawyer.  No military training, no gun training, the only special “skill” he has is one that is ordinary but helpful.  It was fascinating to see him adapt to the post-apocalyptic world around him.

The main character does have to leave his safe haven of home and make an attempt to find other survivors.  The action of the story is so detailed, the reader has the ability to create a 3D version of events in their head.  It is extremely gory as well, what zombie book isn’t?

The author also discusses the emotional/psychological aspect of the horror of a zombie apocalypse.  Not too many authors of these types of books mention that aspect.  The idea of “shell shock” is put forth.  It’s hard to survive day after day being hunted, and the author addresses this beautifully.  The idea of safety and security and its impact on the psyche.  Also the idea of companionship, be it of the animal kingdom or from humans.

The only difference I noted between American zombie stories and European zombie stories are circumstances.  In Europe, they do not have ready access to guns as we do in America.  Unless you are in the military, you do not grow up with a familiarity with guns.  This is definitely highlighted in this book.  Not much else was different.

Overall, this is a great read.  It fulfilled the need for action, horror, conspiracy (Russians), human relationships, and adventure.  And of course, it ends with the promise of more books to come.  Someone please translate them soon!!

I would recommend to anyone who likes the zombie genre.

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