Book Review: Past Continuous by Tony Bayliss

Here is the review for this book:

I am fast becoming a fan of Tony Bayliss. I had just finished another one of his works (Future Perfect) and was intrigued by the description of this one. Mr. Bayliss did not disappoint.

Matthew is gifted. As a musician and in robotics/computer technology (forgive me, I barely know enough about computers to post this review). But he has difficulty with relationships and his emotions. He longs for someone to love him, to understand him.

Sophie is essentially his female counterpart. Extremely intelligent, she also has a gift for music and computers. She also has a longing for a meaningful relationship.

The book follows their lives, alternating each chapter, until Matthew’s suicide.

Sophie begins to have extremely vivid dreams about the man that fulfills all her desires. She just KNOWS in her soul that this is the man for her. But she can’t see his face.

The next day she gets an untraceable email from someone stating that he is the man in her dreams. Can this be real?

With the help of a coworker, Sophie works to continue her communication with the mystery man in the computer. He says his name is Matthew, but he has no recollection of where he is, how he got there, or any other identifying information. Can Sophie locate this man that she is now in love with?

This novel is beautifully written in exquisite detail. Despite some confusing computer jargon which I feel could have been minimized or explained in a more plain manner, overall the book flows well and towards the end has a “thriller” aspect to it.

This book is hard to classify, it has aspects of a romance novel, thriller, sci fi, review of familial relationships and examination of the gifted mind. I would recommend to anyone that enjoys a good read with twists and turns. Anyone who loves reading about technology, computers, secret government operations. Anyone who has a tender spot for undying romance.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and am looking forward to more from this author.

I was really blown away by the ending of this book.  I am not a computer person, I know the bare minimum to function in this techno society.  Not that I’m a luddite, but I know how to text, tweet (not that I use it), post to FB, blog etc.  This book deals in cybernetics and robotics.  I could follow along, but for a few passages, especially regarding plasma nano and picochips, I was completely lost.

Overall a mishmash of different genres.  I like that.  Definitely recommended.


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