Book Review: Shiver by Kristen Middleton

Shiver is the second book in Kristen Middleton’s series about vampires.  Vampires are usually on the “Do Not Read” list, but I made an exception because I absolutely love her zombie books.  You can read the review of Blur here, and the review of Zombie Games here.

Shiver picks up a few months later in the year where Blur leaves off.  Yes, you must read Blur to get a feel for the characters, the background, etc.  I believe the author was offering it for free on various e-reader sites.

Shiver offers the same intense action, plot twists, intense emotions that Blur does.  However, the central character, Nikki, seems to be alone this time.  Apparently, her mother, brother and her friend Duncan have had their memories of the events of the summer erased somehow.  They no longer believe vampires are roaming Shore Lake.

The awful murders start happening again, and someone or something is attacking. Caleb and his den of vampires are now hanging out at a new club.  Nikki is still torn between her feelings for Ethan the vampire, and Duncan, the human.  Ethan makes her feel feelings she has never felt before, but Duncan offers stability and normalcy.

Then everything changes.

I did not foresee the plot twists in this book, but they are awesome.

Yes, this is a older teenager book, but I absolutely loved getting caught up in the raging hormones, angst, and romance.

These books are definitely for the OLDER teenager, older than 16 or so due to sexual situations.

I do like this series and I can’t wait for the next book.  And I do highly recommend reading Blur and then reading Shiver.

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