Lycan love?

A year ago I’m not sure I would have given a book with this topic a chance.  But as the title of the blog says “eclectic bookworm”.

Also, all the books in this particular series were free.  Did I mention that most of the books I review are free or really dirt cheap?  Not the ones I have read in the past (especially not the huge history books), but the majority of the ebooks I review on this site can be found for free or nearly free on ebook sites all over cyberspace.

This particular series is no different.

Ok, short explanation.  I guess the zombie books lead to a few vampire books.  And Fifty Shades of Grey led to more romance novels.  And I was browsing on and I found the works of Nicky Charles.  I read the reviews and figured that so many people couldn’t be wrong, so I downloaded them all and I am currently starting the last book in sequence in the series.

I finished “The Keeping” last night, I have read “Bonded”, which is a prequel to all of these other book in terms of time sequence, but is the lastest book.  I also finished “The Mating” which was first in the series, but second in time sequence.  I did start “The Finding” during a fit of insomnia last night.

Yes, its werewolves.  I know next to nothing about “lycan lore”.  Again, I haven’t seen Twilight, I haven’t seen any of the classic horror films.  I haven’t even seen “Teen Wolf”.  Completely new territory.  I was just intrigued since I like zombies so much, and I find vampires only mildly distasteful, why not go all out and throw in some lycans for the hell of it?

These are mainly love stories about people that happen to be werewolves.  They are human when they have sex (so far). And it is fairly intriguing to read about keeping someone’s “wild side” in check.

I think that is the sexual appeal here.  The men are incredibly good looking, and sexual dynamos in bed.  Apparently when you are a werewolf, your “inner wolf” *knows* who your mate is supposed to be, kind of a “love at first scent” thing.  Sometimes your “inner wolf” takes over and tries to get you to be with this person.  It knows better than the rational, human side, in some ways.

And the sexual scenes are very intense and passionate.  Probably rivals “Fifty” or “Crossfire” in quality.  Extremely realistic, nothing insane, very enjoyable.

In each of the books, a new concept of this world that Nicky Charles has devised is explored.  In “Bonded” its the idea of “blood bonding”, in which, during sex, one partner bites another and then is privy to their innermost thoughts.  A telepathic link.  In the lycan world, this is akin to getting married, its for life, and its intensely intimate.

I truly love this idea.  It has its pros and cons.  As much as I would love for my husband to be able to understand my POV, especially when we are arguing (because it really comes down to communication), I’m not sure I would want to go sneaking through his thoughts.  Information overload.  And there are some things he is better off not knowing.  Like what I am thinking when we are arguing.

These books also are thrilling, in that they always have a dire situation, lives in the balance, danger around every corner.  Truly are page turners.

Overall, I’m pleased with the series.  I’m not sure what I expected, but I love the characters, the plots, the overall idea surrounding these books.  Nicky Charles is an excellent writer and is able to take you to these beautiful locations in Canada, the American northwest and Appalachia.  The action is amazing with minimal confusion as to what is going on, who bit who, etc.  And she is able to keep her story straight with regards to “her” world involving lycans.

I also love that each book in the series builds on a character or set of characters set forth previously.  Its not a continuation of the original characters, but it “peeks in” on them while centering on a new set of characters pertaining to the originals in “The Mating”.

You do have to read previous books.  I started out with “Bonded”, but I’m still waiting for things to come full circle now that I’m reading “The Finding”.

Highly recommended as a trail off the beaten path of more traditional romance novels.

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