Facebook and Feedback

I started blogging in September of last year.  I have a chronic health condition and have been out of work on medical leave since August.

Before that time, I was obviously an avid reader, but since I have time periods where I am confined to bed, I have had a lot of time to read.

I write this blog because I love to read.  It is just my take on the books I come across.  I rarely read

© Alexsol | Stock Free Images & Dreamstime Stock Photos

© Alexsol | Stock Free Images & Dreamstime Stock Photos

from the bestsellers list (can’t afford to) and most of the books I devour can be found either free (for a limited time) or under $5.

Through this method of book hunting, I have found some amazing books that aren’t “mainstream”.  Most of these books are self published.  And recently some of the authors have contacted me to let me know that my reviews are appreciated.

I love hearing from authors.  It is nice to know that someone is reading my blog.

I finally created a FB page for this blog.  I have a ton of friends who love reading as much as I do.  I just wanted to share the fantastic books I’ve read to a wider group.  I can do that more easily with an actual FB page, rather than replying to each book-themed post that pops up in my news feed.  And one of my fellow bibliophiles wants to start contributing.  Awesome.

If you are an author and you would like me to take a peek at your book, please message me on FB.  I read primarily on the Kindle HD and I am usually a fast reader.  Also, I have severe lack of funds, so any “gifts” from Amazon or books sent in a pdf file are appreciated.

If you are a bibliophile like me and you think  I would enjoy a book that you just read, send me a message.  With the advent of self-publishing, more people are able to get their books out, especially ones that don’t fit into a particular mode.  And as the name says, I have eclectic tastes.  And I read all.

Thank you for taking the time to read my posts.

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