More zombies (part one)!!


I have been promising this post for awhile and now it is here!!

This is the first part of a three or four part series.

I have recently read a TON of zombie books, thanks to the Zombie Kindle ebooks page on Facebook.  The zombie writers have the formula right:   offer one of the books of a zombie series for free, and then watch how many sales result from people addicted to the genre and NEED to find out what happens next.

That is how I found the “Zomblog” series by T.W. Brown.

I saw the book  “Zomblog: Snoe” was free and downloaded it.  I realized about 10 pages in that I probably should read the three other books that came before in the series.  Lucky for me, I recently had a birthday and someone was gracious enough to gift me with an Amazon gift card (thank you Patti!)

By the way, if anyone is every hurting for gift ideas for me, I am not offended by an Amazon gift card.  It is actually preferred.

So I started the series in the proper order, with the original “Zomblog”.  Here is the synopsis from amazon:

Samuel Todd is a regular guy: …Failed husband… …Loving father… …Dutiful worker… …Aspiring rockstar. He had no idea if anyone would care, or take the time, to read his daily blog entries about his late night observations. But what started as an open monologue of his day-to-day life became a running journal of the firsthand account detailing the rising of the dead and the downfall and degradation of mankind…

It utterly captivated me.  Extremely well written, well thought out, thrilling, and terrifying.  I finished the ENTIRE series in three days.  I think that’s a new record for me.  Four books, three days.

It’s dark.  Most books in this genre are “dark”, but this one has an added twist of terror.  The zombies are very believable and deadly, but it’s the remaining humans that are more horrific.

What I absolutely love about this series?  Much like “The Zombie Bible”, there is no explanation for the zombies.  No complicated medical jargon or mass casualty event that causes people to become zombies.

As a nurse, I often find myself critiquing zombie books that get too medical or too scientific because I have a general understanding of the human body.  This series entirely omits that process and just tells the story.  I am free to read the book without comparing it to actual medical knowledge and as a result, I am less distracted from the actual story.

Mr. Brown creates amazing characters who the reader feels for throughout the entire series.  And he doesn’t spare anyone from carnage.  You like a main character?  Too bad, they die. 

Too many zombie series have the protagonist survive multiple brushes with death to survive it all.  In this series, it is incredibly more realistic that some of the main characters succumb to a zombie bite, a shooting, or something else.  This is the first zombie series I have read that does this.  And it is refreshing.

“Zomblog: Snoe” takes place nearly 20 years after the zombies began devouring humanity.  It is very intriguing to read about the way society rebuilds itself.  And it hits home that some things never change.

I would caution that there is graphic sexual abuse present throughout this series.  Yes, it is more realistic, especially in light of those three women freed from a decade of captivity in Ohio earlier this month.  But if you have PTSD and things like this are a trigger, I would consider skipping the series.  It didn’t trigger me, however.

Overall, this is an excellent zombie series.  I posted a question to the author via Facebook asking about the next book, and he said it should be coming out next month.  I. Can’t. Wait.

I would love to get into the author’s “Dead” series, but as funds are lacking, that is not happening anytime soon.  Might be a good time for someone to get me that amazon gift card…

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