More zombies (part two)!!


This is the second part of a multi-part blog post about my recent experiences with the zombie genre.

Six Feet from Hell by Joseph A. Coley is a fantastic series. It’s inventive, somewhat realistic, engrossing.

Again, I found one of the books from the series for free or a really low price. And then I had to read all of the other books.

Here is the synopsis from amazon:

Six Feet From Hell: Response

Six feet from hell is where it all started. A coal mine accident in the hills of Southwest Virginia has unleashed a deadly toxin that not only kills the living, it brings them back as ravenous zombies. Follow the men that try to escape the chaos in the first book of the Six Feet From Hell series.

Six Feet From Hell: Escape

After the events of Six Feet From Hell: Response, Joe and the remainder of his crew must now face a difficult decision. Do they stay and try to fight off the hordes of undead that seem to have no end? Or does he rally the troops and try to live with a bold decision that will impact the lives of all the people that he has tried to save thus far? In the second book of the Six Feet From Hell series, they must make their escape and pray that the zombies are their worst enemy…because there are far worse things out there than the undead.

Six Feet From Hell: Salvation

They responded to the zombie outbreak, they made their escape, but now what? Simply living the life of being on the run just won’t cut it for Joe and his ever-increasing band of survivors. Their saving grace may not have been found yet, but they must keep seeking their salvation. In the third book of the Six Feet From Hell series, Joe and his group try and find a stable life even though it might not be what they wanted. They have to come to terms with the fact that the help they want may or may not be the help they get…

One thing I absolutely love about this series?  Joe and most of his friends are zombiephiles just like me.  They have seen all the movies, read all the books, and know exactly what is going on very early in the crisis.  The have not only done their homework, they are also prepared for the apocalypse.  I know so many people who are prepping for some sort of world-ending event in the near future, so this was very humorous to me.

Also, the characters make references to the zombie books/movies that have defined the genre.  I particularly like the nod to “Monroeville” as I grew up about 20 minutes away from the actual town outside of Pittsburgh where Dawn of the Dead was set.  I have been to that mall too many times to count.

I also like the way the zombies were created.  Very creative, imaginative, and makes the situation that much more dire in this series.

Like other series in this genre (see the previous post here), the zombies are just part of the problem.  Apparently when the world ends, morality and a sense of right and wrong take a vacation.  Example:  the Governor in “The Walking Dead”.

Hell, even when humanity experiences a crisis, there is always those who seek to profit from the misfortune of others.  There are those that loot, create elaborate hoaxes to get money or use the calamity to kill or hurt others.  This happens all over the world.

Overall an engaging and page-turning zombie read.

I would love to read future books about Joe and his little band of survivors.

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