The daily Kindle argument

So…my husband has discovered my Kindle.


I have had a Kindle keyboard for years.  And my husband always resisted my offers for him to use it.  I would read an awesome book that I thought he would enjoy and try to get him to read it.

Be careful what you wish for.

Given my financial issues, entertainment is sorely lacking in this house.  No cable, no Netflix, and thank God for Amazon Prime.

My husband recently took on another job.  So he needs to get to bed early.  I let him read Stephen King’s “Desperation” on my Kindle HD and now he is hooked.

But what happened to the Kindle keyboard?

Well, I went on vacation with my friend Dana.  She likes to read just as much as I do.  After conferring with my husband at length (and asking “are you sure I can give it away?”) I decided to gift Dana with the Kindle keyboard.

No less than a month later, my husband started complaining that I should have kept it for him.


So we are “sharing”.  Not always amicably, but at least he’s asleep before 10 p.m. I can also read books on my Kindle app on my smart phone.

I’m happy he’s reading.  Thrilled, even.  I just wish he would have made this decision a few months ago.

Happy Reading!!

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