Book Review: Hers to Choose and His to Lose by Lizzie Ashworth



** This is a review of extremely x rated books**

Nothing like a disclaimer at the beginning of a book to pique my interest.

I have absolutely no qualms with reading extremely x rated stuff.  Most of it is curiosity.  But sometimes I am really surprised at how well written one of these novels can be.

That is the case with these two books, Hers to Choose and His to Lose by Lizzie Ashworth.  I received a copy of each in return for a review.

Here is the synopsis of Hers to Choose:

Bryn McClure is running out of time. With foreclosure in the last stages, she’s about to lose the beloved twelve-hundred acre Ozark farm she inherited from her grandparents. Her desperate last hope is to sell hunting rights for deer season.

Alex Cannon is running out of options. After a humiliating discovery about his wife, Alex’s cousin and property development business partner Dan has spiraled into a life-threatening depression. Alex hatches a brilliant idea of what might help Dan, and on advice from an old friend, contacts Bryn. A hunting trip might be the perfect route to a new outlook for Dan, especially with the extra touch Alex wants from Bryn.

When Bryn agrees to Alex’s special request, she’s thrilled not only with the promise of badly needed income, but also with the prospect of bondage and discipline. Her appetite for kink has sharpened during her lonely year of rural living. It seemed like such a good idea when she agreed to it.

But standing on her porch watching these two gorgeous men climb out of their truck and walk toward her, she thinks maybe she hadn’t fully appreciated how complicated things could become. Alex stuns her with his warmth and charm, but the cold and angry Dan is the one she’s supposed to submit to. By the second day, when the first spanking sparks her passions, she realizes she may be in for a wild ride.

For adult readers only. Contains explicit language and intense sexual activity including BDSM, anal, and m/f/m interactions.

This goes far beyond what was discussed in “Fifty Shades of Grey”, and I think that is what made it so much better.  It is a peek into the lifestyle without looking through the virginal eyes of Anastasia Steele.

Bryn had a previous BDSM relationship, she knows what to expect, and she actually likes it and craves it.  Not because she is a twisted individual, not because she is trying to please someone, but because this is actually her sexual preference.

One thing I have learned through reading books like this, and especially as a nurse, is that sexual behavior varies along a pretty wide spectrum.  BDSM is just one of stops on the spectrum.

The book also discusses the “why” behind the preference.  That is something you really don’t get in Fifty, outside of Christian Grey’s outward explanations of his desires to Anastasia.

BDSM is not deviant or dangerous when practiced safely between two consenting adults.  And this book shows that.

The author even goes as far as illustrating how this type of activity can be very dangerous when it is unwanted and practiced by the uninitiated.

Even without all the kink, this book would be seriously hot.  The author is adeptly skilled at creating sexual tension throughout the story.  In most books that are somewhat similar, it is just graphic sex scenes broke up by a few bits of non-sexual story.  Fifty is somewhat like that.

Not so with this book.  Several times where I thought I knew where the action was headed, I was pleasantly (sometimes annoyingly) surprised that the interaction didn’t end up with wild sex.

The only complaint I have is with some of the language used in descriptions of sexual acts.  The word “squishy” comes to mind.  I understand that there are only so many ways to describe a certain activity, but for some reason, that really stood out.

The synopsis of His to Lose:

Dan Cannon confronts the worst experience of his life when he discovers money, and lots of it, is missing from company accounts. He’s a little heartbroken over the loss of Bryn in the intimate threesome he and his cousin Alex shared with her, even though he’s happy the couple is ready to start a family. He blames himself for being distracted so much that Cannon Company has suffered. When he hires CPA Riley Montgomery to track down the money, the last thing he expects is to find himself completely distracted by the woman. 

Riley can’t afford to venture off into unethical dalliance with a client, even if the client is the devastatingly handsome Dan Cannon. She tries to stay focused on the pact she’s made with her old friend and current lover Lucy Duncan, after failed marriages caused both women to swear off men. But Lucy decides Dan is too good to pass up, especially after he makes good on his threat to spank her. 

Things go from bad to worse when Riley uncovers a money trail pointing to Cannon Company’s long-time employee and Lucy realizes that the sparks flying between Dan and Riley scream for friendly intervention. With her role in the investigation ended and her attraction to Dan testing her limits, Riley becomes mystified about his lack of follow-up and decides to take bold action.

Again, very graphic, but a good story as well.

It is less a BDSM primer than Hers to Choose and more of a story about two people who have been seriously hurt in the past and are reluctant to risk their hearts again.

Again, the sexual tension is palpable.  Just through the descriptions of looks, gestures and words, the author is able to convey the highly charged atmosphere.

I appreciated the turn of the tables later on in the book.  Things go both ways, apparently, and that isn’t readily conveyed in Fifty.

And as before, the book would be scorching without the kinky shenanigans.  The BDSM is more of a subplot than the focus.

With both of these books, if you are squeamish at all about human sexual behavior, do not pick it up.

If you are at all offended by sexual practices that are out of the conventional “norm” do not pick it up.

But if you are curious and like hot sex scenes, then give it a try.


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