Book Review: The Alliance by Scott Klug


I am a fan of Dan Brown.  I just finished “The Inferno” a few weeks ago.  I read it in a few days.  So when this book came across my desk (i.e. my gmail account) I had to give it a try:

For Father Pete Farrell, it begins with a horrifying phone call. The Archbishop of St. Petersburg is found hung upside down in the world-renowned Hermitage museum with his throat slit in what appears to be a ritual murder. Missing are priceless relics from an international exhibition. Left behind is a cryptic warning written in a mixture of ancient languages. 

The one-time Special Forces soldier turned Jesuit Priest knows he can’t solve the crime alone. He cobbles together an unlikely alliance including a Rabbi, Buddhist Monk and Sufi mystic. But what first appears to be a simple case of stolen antiquities is so much more. At the heart of the theft is the malevolent director of a mysterious Russian lab dedicated to harnessing the power of the occult, and his protégé, a demonic Tibetan monk. 

The four men of faith come face to face with an ancient evil, and uncover a sinister conspiracy whose tentacles stretch from Stockholm to Singapore. What they confront on a sacred Tibetan mountain shrouded in legend and myth will rattle all of them to their core. 

Put The DaVinci Code and Indiana Jones in a blender. The Alliance is a fast- paced page thriller certain to entertain students of world religions, archaeology and adventure. At its heart is a former Green Beret turned Jesuit Priest with an expertise in the black market trafficking of ancient treasures. When you stare down evil, a few prayers can help, but so can a well-aimed sniper rifle. 

Like the Dan Brown books, I am so happy I have a Kindle, so I can quickly look up places, people, events on wikipedia.  These types of books appeal to my historical/conspiracy theory side.

I love the spiritual aspect of this book.  It is way more spiritual or religious than the Dan Brown books.  And it involves more faiths than just the Christian/Catholic theme in the DaVinci Code and other books.

I loved reading about the Eastern faiths, particularly Buddhism.  I spent a great deal of time “going down the rabbit hole” of wikipedia, reading about the Dali Lama, and the different principles of that religion.  And I now want to go to that area of the world.

This is definitely darker than the Dan Brown books, but I wouldn’t put it in the “horror” genre.  Just be prepared for the occult as well as the other religions.

The characters are amazing.  It sounds like a joke, a priest, a monk, a rabbi and a Muslim walk into a bar…but it works very well.

But I really appreciated their relationships with each other, and how they were able to put their differences aside for the greater good.  You almost hope that other men of their ilk could do the same.  Then we might not have the problems we do now on the planet.

I didn’t expect the twists and turns that the book takes.  Very refreshing, very realistic.

Overall, a great read.  Well worth the $1.49 it is going for now on Amazon.  I love books that make me learn, that make me think, and this definitely did both.

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