Book Review: Muffin Man by Stephan Collina


This was a very interesting book, but there were many places where I was confused.  Here is the synopsis:

The Muffin Man is an authentic and atmospheric tale set in the strife torn Britain and America of the 1970s. The tale begins with a premonition that leads to the formation of a secretive political organisation. The story unfolds in twists and turns through the ordinary lives of innocents who are sucked into an accelerating and dangerous vortex of drug dealing, assassination and murder. Story Outline A former high-flying US Army Colonel is recruited to form the covert arm of a secretive political organisation. His alienated daughter Anne runs away from home but ends up unknowingly working for her father’s organisation in England. A bright, likeable middle-class young Englishman by accident becomes a major drug dealer. His beautiful but manipulative girlfriend Louise assists him in his drug dealing but leaves him for the corrupt police inspector who supplies them. The inspector is blackmailed into becoming the secretive organisation’s man in the UK. He recruits David and initiates a succession of successful assassinations. His rewards lead to arrogance and an early death, or do they?

This author is a very good writer.  I had to use the dictionary function on my Kindle several times throughout this book.  His descriptions of places and people are excellent and place the reader right there with the characters.  Occasionally the descriptions can get a bit verbose, but overall, excellent writing.

The difficulty I had was that the entire “conspiracy” is vaguely explained.  I had a difficult time trying to figure out who was in charge, what their goals were, etc.  Maybe that is what the author was going for?  But with conspiracy type books I’ve read in the past, the plot is fully explained, at least at some point.

The character development is fantastic.  I truly hate Louise and I can identify with Anne.  And I can fully see the struggle that David has with what he is doing and what he knows is right.

Some characters are just mentioned once, and then vaguely at the end.  So that was difficult as well.

There are graphic sex scenes in this book that I didn’t expect.  Not violent, at least not until the end, and it didn’t trigger me, but I didn’t expect it.

This book is also very long.  I do feel that some sequences, such as the day to day lives of some characters, could be eliminated.

A very interesting read, I do feel it could have been better.  But good effort.

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