Book Review: Dream by Kyra Selby

Portrait of a water nymph with wet hair

Apparently I am on a paranormal romance kick.  Again.  But this one is a bit different.  Here is the synopsis:

He dreamt of her for years… 
She heard his voice in her most desperate of times… 

The last thing seventeen-year-old Ava Evans needed was boy trouble. Moving from the bustling New York City to a small town in Oklahoma, all Ava wanted was some peace. Not the glare of certain dark eyes. But this wasn’t just any typical teenage boy trouble. This was downright bizarre and though she would never admit it aloud, intriguing. 

And charming and popular and not too bad on the eyes. Yes, eighteen year-old Miles Greyson seemed to be your typical All-American boy, beloved by his many friends and the residents of the small town he lived in. And he got along with just about anyone and everyone. 

…Except Ava. Their first disastrous meeting ending in a bloody nose and a trip to the hospital leaves Ava thoroughly confused. Because Miles seemed to hate her even before all that. Upon first glance to be exact. 

Trying to navigate the nefarious world of high school with mean girls, new friends, and awkward unrequited crushes, Ava begins to slowly unravel the mystery that is Miles Greyson while doing her best not to get distracted by Miles himself. 

All the while Miles is unraveling her, leading them both to a startling revelation that changes everything. Impossible dreams, enchanting feelings, and the whisper of a magical wish… 

Young Adult and Older Recommended

I would say 17+ recommended.  I’m not completely stupid, I was once a teenager, I know kids do stupid shit.  In a way, it is refreshing that this author chooses to be completely honest with what teenagers do with their spare time, but as a mom and a nurse, I really can’t condone drinking and driving.  It is vaguely mentioned, but it is there.  That is my only issue with the behavior portrayed in this book.

It is a very sweet book.  I am a very big believer in dreams, regardless of their meaning.  And as a hospice nurse, I know the difficulty experienced in losing a loved one.  The author accurately conveys the emotion connected with such a loss.

She author brings back the sharp emotions connected to high school life.  The good and the bad.  The friendship between Pixie and Ava, the unstated romance between Pixie and Jesse, the growing relationship between Miles and Ava, it is all there.  That is why I read these teenager books.  Because it reminds me of my high school years.

Some things weren’t clear for me, however.  For instance, if Ava’s mother passed away when she was 12, and she moved to Oklahoma years after, who was her guardian until that time?  It just didn’t make sense.  Also the mechanism behind the dreams wasn’t fully explained.  These are the things that just came up in my brain while reading.

I truly enjoyed the love story, I enjoyed the relationships between all the characters.  I just feel that more could be explained in terms of the paranormal aspects of the story.

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  1. Harliqueen
    Feb 24, 2014 @ 09:13:13

    Great review, sounds awesome.


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