Book Review: Master’s Journey and Master’s Return (The Mastery) by Simon Seth Reede

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Ah yes. A bit different from the paranormal romance, but paranormal just the same. I do have an interest in meditation, and may have experienced a bit of out of body “travels” myself. I am immensely interested in lucid dreaming, past lives, etc, so this definitely tripped my trigger. Here is the synopsis for both books. And I hope there will be a third:

For the Master’s Journey:

Sid Solomon, Grand Master of the centuries-old organization of occult practitioners known as The Mastery, sets out on a journey to the far reaches of the astral plane to investigate signals from an unknown source that threaten to spark a devastating war with the Astral Powers. His journey derails in ways he cannot understand, leaving him terrified of astral travel. And although war has somehow been averted, Sid alone knows that his journey remains unfinished, that his time as Grand Master was a sham, and that one day, his destiny will catch up to him.

Dr. Bob Taylor, prominent psychiatrist and developer of a foolproof technique for treating multiple personality disorder, encounters a woman impervious to his procedure. His secretive attempt to salvage the case using an unconventional and unproven method backfires, and he begins to experience the same terrifying nightmares as his patient. Paralyzed by insomnia and teetering on the brink of insanity, he seeks out Sid Solomon’s help.

Tim Wake, a bright young research fellow on Taylor’s psychiatric unit, pursues a woman who insists he join her at a class in telepathic zenzing. But in the practice session, he’s paired up with Gwen, a temptress who seduces him telepathically and then, after becoming lovers, persuades him that the Mastery is responsible for the horrid dreams he’s been experiencing. Her true agenda remains hidden, and it could cost him his life—or worse.

All three are caught up in a web of inter-dimensional intrigue that will tie their fates together on the earth plane and the astral realms in ways they never could have imagined.

Master’s Journey is the first book of The Mastery, a trendsetting new series that trounces conventional genres of Sci-Fi and Fantasy in its fast-paced romp across the astral plane. Astral travel, demonic possession, brain-wave technology, dark tantric sex, power objects, the sculpting of thought-forms, and the after-death realms—all feature prominently in this unique and innovative metaphysical thriller.

And Master’s Return:

Master’s Return is the sequel to Master’s Journey and the second book of The Mastery, a trendsetting new series that trounces conventional genres of Sci-Fi and Fantasy in its fast-paced romp across the astral plane. Dream-shields, alternate realities, the origin of the gods, the nature of time, and the purpose of consciousness itself—all feature prominently in this unique and innovative metaphysical thriller.

Both are extremely well written.  It is hard for my brain to wrap around abstract ideas sometimes.  For me to envision other dimensions for which I have no frame of reference.  Like the author says in the beginning of Master’s Journey:

The human mind needed to impose its own familiar parameters onto the inherent formlessness of the astral.

Yep.  That’s me!! But this author makes it extremely vivid, his descriptions of the astral and astral travel, zenzing, and the like are absolutely amazing.  It is more than a physical description.  The reader can actually FEEL the words that are on the page.

The author uses the vehicle of the Mastery and their mission to seek out others with talents for astral travel as a way to more accurately explain this world.  They hold classes for the public, kind of like mindfulness classes or meditation classes to find recruits.  The teacher of the class explains zenzing in this way:

To understand zenzing you have to revise your beliefs about what it means to be human.  If you think of yourself as a physical body that moves through space and encounters things out there via the senses, then zenzing will never make sense to you.  Instead, try thinking of yourself as a field of elastic energy.  It surrounds your body, but can extend outward much farther than that.  Some call this the aura, or auric field.

Those types of explanations interspersed throughout both books, both from the perspective of someone just learning about this plane of existence, Bob and Tim, and those reviewing what they already know, Sid Solomon and Master Thomas, went very far, at least to this reader, to make the novels so real and tangible.  I think I honestly tried zenzing my husband a few times.

The story itself is a page turner.  Absolute thriller.  Excellent characters all around.  It was very difficult to get into at first, but once the story got rolling, it didn’t stop.  Two days to read both books.  Two days.

I also appreciated how the author wove two seemingly different threads of a story, Sid Solomon, Bob Taylor, Tim Wake, and finally made a cohesive tapestry.  It took awhile, but it all coalesced at the end.  It all made sense.  And it was fantastic.

At times, especially in book two, the entire “oceans of possibility” thing went a bit over my head, but I was able to at least grasp at the meaning to the story.

I also admire how the author was able to set a book 15 years in the future and make virtually no mention of future technology or society.  The focus was obviously on the story and the characters and not on the possibilities of the iPhone 15 or whatever incarnation Facebook would be in in 2029.  Excellent job!

I do want to mention that there is an element of hardcore sex to at least the first book and some in the second.  I do know as a nurse with some psych training that ritualistic sex is used in some cults, and the author does make use of this especially when discussing the brain wave work with Dr. Bob Taylor and his dissociative disorder patients.  It really didn’t trigger me, however, but I just wanted to make potential readers aware.

I love how the author used myths and gods from various religions and histories from around the world in this story.  His take on everything was fascinating.

Overall, a fascinating read.  Truly stoked my interest in this type of metaphysical teaching.  I always enjoy books that make me think.  This was definitely one of them.  I do hope there is another book in the works.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Simon Seth Reede
    Feb 26, 2014 @ 10:46:19

    Thanks, Amanda. Great review. Amazon too. I’m so glad you enjoyed the reads, despite the slow start. And that the element of child abuse wasn’t offensive. I’m a psychiatrist in my day job and have worked many times with the devastation wreaked by such horrific abuse. Most importantly, however, you’ve inspired me to move book three higher on my “to write” list!


    • Mommabel
      Feb 26, 2014 @ 14:09:56

      Awesome books!! Yay book three!! I’m happy to read it when it gets to the top of your “to write” list! Even in my limited psych experience as a student, I dealt with D.I.D. and ritual child abuse in a satanic cult. As a student!! So I understood completely. I just wanted to make sure to pass that info on, because I do appreciate it when people make that known to me. Again, thanks for sending me the books and excellent work.


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