Book Review: Sadie (An Affection for Lipstick) by Stacie Moore

**  This is an erotic short story, if you don’t read erotica or aren’t interested in erotica or for some reason are offended by erotica STOP READING NOW!!  You have been warned**


The author is a friend.  This is the first time I’m reviewing a book of a person I actually know and socialize with on a regular basis.  So I was a little apprehensive about reading a book written by someone I know.  Let alone it being of THIS genre.

I didn’t know what to expect.  Yes, I read erotica.  Much more than I review on this site.  But I figure that I am the “Eclectic Bookworm”.  But I’m not sure I will ever read that T.Rex or Bigfoot erotica.

This is a short story, so there really is no synopsis.  I do need to point out some things though.  This involves lesbian, menage and anal activity.

The first thing I was pleasantly surprised by is that it is well written.  Not that my friend isn’t smart, but you really can’t get an accurate gauge on a person as a writer from their FB posts, text messages and conversations in bars.  So I was really blown away by that.  And most erotica that I’ve read really isn’t well written.  It doesn’t evoke emotions.  It can be extremely mechanical.  And this wasn’t it at all.

The author is excellent at building anticipation.  In fact, most of the story focuses on the anticipation of events, rather than the events themselves.

It is a very quick, to the point, short story about a brief, life changing encounter (for one participant) that is different from anything I have ever read.  It takes some activity that isn’t exactly mainstream and makes it that.  Just another encounter involving a woman picked up at a bar.

Well done.  And I’m not saying that just because a friend wrote it.

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