The “Amanda” part of The Eclectic Bookworm is up to her eyeballs with personal issues right now.  She just moved into a new house, she’s working (a lot) and its about to be summer.  And her laptop crashed.  And she doesn’t want to investigate writing posts on her smartphone.  So here is a list of books currently in queue, and hopefully by the end of May, the reviews will be up.

In no particular order:

Honor and Innocence — Against the Tides of War by Glen Thomas Hierlmeier

Guildhall Guardian — Thamesian #1 by Aidan Ladsow

Kingdoms of the Dead Book One — Chemical Rot by Ian Woodhead

Follow the Joy: A memoir by Jason Scott Kurtz

The Experiment by Cristian Alejandro Solari

Backspin:  One Player’s Journey from the U.S. to Europe and Back Again by Pete Strobl

The Perfect Game by Stephen Paul

The Tip Jar by Carol Lynn George

State of Grace by Elizabeth Davies

The London Project by Mark J. Maxwell

The Holy Mark by Gregory Alexander

The Buck Pass by T.R. Whittier

The God Particle by Daniel Danser

Sating the Preta: A Memoir about Emotional Abuse and Recovery from Complex PTSD by Lily Scot

Afflicted Dawn by Gregory Napier

A Soul’s Kiss by Debra Chapoton

If I forgot you, please send me an email and remind me.  And I just sent out a ton of emails accepting books for review this morning.

Also, I read books by mood, meaning, once I’m done with a book, I’ll glance through the ones I have accepted and if something fits my mood, I start it.  I don’t go in order of books received because then it is more like a job to me than a hobby.  I really appreciate you sharing your work with me.

Hope you are enjoying the blog, thank you for being patient.

— Amanda

The March Madness

March 2014 was the most productive month for the EBW.  In the early part of the month, we posted nearly every day.  Wow.

Thank you for sending in the books.  Thank you for your encouragement.

A few announcements:

Charlie will stop taking books at the end of April for her summer reading.

Amanda started a new job and is actually working.  So it is cutting down her reading time.  Although she will continue to read voraciously, it will be now at a slower pace.

If we have reviewed a book for you in the past, and it is part of a series and you would like a review in anticipation of a certain release date, it is possible.  Just let me know.

Thank you again,

Amanda and Charlie





It is heading to the end of January, and I wanted to post an update.

I have been reading voraciously, but some of my reading is off of my “to review” list.  I have been frequenting the library more and getting books that I can’t afford to buy on my Kindle, so that is what is happening.

I currently have 18 books in the queue.  And I keep on getting more every day.

I just wanted to let you know that if I told you that I’m reading your book, I will.  I just may not get a review up before March.  If I told you I would review your book last fall and I haven’t yet, I’m sorry, I may not get to it.

Several things are going on in my personal life and with my health and I kind of fell off the world last year.

But thank you for submitting books, I hope I am serving you well with the reviews I post.

Thank you,


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